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Blueberry PI

I have designed this PCB, because the sheer power of this SoC, at very low power consumption, combined with its display capabilities, it offers options that makers have never seen before.

There are two versions available: the 2 layer and 4 layer version.
Have a look at the subfolder for the 2 and 4 layer version to check out the specific features.

The Blueberry PI:
• SoC Allwinner V3s:

- ARM Cortex-A7 @ 1.2GHz<br>
- 64 Megabyte of RAM<br>

• 10 / 100M Ethernet
• Wifi and Bluetooth (RTL8723BS)
• 1 USB Host Port / 1 micro USB port
• MIPI CSI interface
• pinheader for an OV2640 and an OV7670 parallel camera
• parallel RGB interface, compatible with 40pin parallel RGB displays
• audio jack (3,5mm)
• onboard microphone
• a 26pin Raspberry PI compatible header
• SPI Flash
• SD card slot

The Blueberry PI can boot from an SD card or SPI Flash.
I’m currently not available for custom projects.
If you have any questions email me at