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Merge pull request #3855 from jernejsk/fix_configs
2 days ago
config buildsystem: swap setup_toolchain parameter 3 days ago
distributions/LibreELEC distro: bump ADDON_VERSION to 9.80.1 2 months ago
licenses libpng: update to 1.6.37, correct license typos 5 months ago
packages ffmpeg: update v4l2 request api patches 3 days ago
projects Allwinner: Update kernel configs 2 days ago
scripts fix strip with new meson 3 days ago
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CHANGELOG rebrand: LibreELEC 3 years ago cosmetics: misc. https URL replacements 2 years ago
Makefile buildsystem: remove legacy sequential code 3 months ago specifiy that patches retain upstream license, unless stated otherwise 2 years ago remove a leftover reference to OpenELEC 2 years ago


LibreELEC is a ‘Just enough OS’ Linux distribution for running the award-winning Kodi software on popular mediacentre hardware. LibreELEC is a conservative fork of the popular OpenELEC project with a stronger focus on pre-release testing and post-release change management. Further information on the project can be found on the LibreELEC website.

Issues & Support

Please report issues via the LibreELEC forum: Bug Reports. Please ask support questions in the LibreELEC forum: Help & Support or ask a member of project staff in the #libreelec IRC channel on Freenode.


Contributions towards current project funding goals can be sent via PayPal to


LibreELEC original code is released under GPLv2.


As LibreELEC includes code from many upstream projects it includes many copyright owners. LibreELEC makes NO claim of copyright on any upstream code. However all original LibreELEC authored code is copyright Patches to upstream code have the same license as the upstream project, unless specified otherwise. For a complete copyright list please checkout the source code to examine license headers. Unless expressly stated otherwise all code submitted to the LibreELEC project (in any form) is licensed under GPLv2 and copyright is donated to This approach allows the project to stay manageable in the long term by giving us freedom to maintain the code as part of the whole without the management overhead of preserving contact with every submitter, e.g. GPLv3. You are absolutely free to retain copyright. To retain copyright simply add a copyright header to each submitted code page. If you submit code that is not your own work it is your responsibility to place a header stating the copyright.