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  Phil Burk c5d2c51bd6 Merge branch 'removeasio' into 'master' 7 months ago
  Phil Burk ab665735ad asio: remove unnecessary ASIO SDK files 7 months ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko eb6b5e2598 Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 8 months ago
  dmitrykos c40b969e1b wasapi: some cleanup of Jörn Heusipp's patch 8 months ago
  Jörn Heusipp aa0748a5b5 wasapi: Add paWinWasapiAutoConvert flag, which sets AUDCLNT_STREAMFLAGS_AUTOCONVERTPCM | AUDCLNT_STREAMFLAGS_SRC_DEFAULT_QUALITY for Shared mode streams. 8 months ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko d7229de83b Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 8 months ago
  dmitrykos d99940b26e wasapi: set IAudioClient2+ properties before GetClosestFormat() in order to avoid failing with unsupported format error if PaWasapiStreamCategory is other than default, for example eAudioCategorySpeech 9 months ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko 7bfa11f463 Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 9 months ago
  dmitrykos 96f81c0ec1 wasapi: Improved audio output stability in Exclusive mode for some UAC2 DACs with custom USB Audio driver by calculating buffer periodicity being equal (or almost equal) to the requested user frames (Capturing is excluded from this implementation as it has not yet been tested but can be included if tests show the improvement), cleanup/refactor some code to make it better readable 9 months ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko b7870b08f7 Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 11 months ago
  dmitrykos 83ab55b62d wasapi: new API PaWasapi_SetStreamStateHandler() to be able to catch WASAPI error inside the rendering thread loop (and handle it gracefully, for example restart the stream), protect from dangling pointer during device list update, cleanup header 11 months ago
  Etienne Dechamps 76e31c2a24 Merge branch 'winbuild' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Etienne Dechamps 95e86c307b Install pa_win_waveformat.h with MME, DirectSound and WASAPI. 1 year ago
  Etienne Dechamps 0baa1e2e31 Treat DirectSound just like any other standard Windows SDK library. 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko dfd780389b Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos 7572245aec wasapi: relax check for a latency range when deciding to switch from Event to Poll mode to have 1-21 ms range fine tuneable, add check for a min period when correcting period for UAC1 devices to avoid failure to initialize audio client due to invalid period error 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko b22a83a600 Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos d74ea7b610 wasapi: get channels count and sample rate from a mix format (IAudioClient::GetMixFormat) for a PaDeviceInfo to circumvent rare cases when WASAPI does not accept format provided PKEY_AudioEngine_DeviceFormat due to a wrong channel count (bug and solution reported by Etienne Dechamps (edechamps), discussion: http://app.assembla.com/spaces/portaudio/git/merge_requests/7024281), new PaWasapi_GetDeviceMixFormat API to get mix format provided by IAudioClient::GetMixFormat 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko 0cdb346fdc Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos 57b98d5a8c wasapi: fixed MonoToStereo converter could write beyond the allowed memory region if sample format is packed 24-bit integer, fixed DEF file by adding missing WASAPI API 1 year ago
  Nicholas Appleton 05994e022d Merge branch 'cmake_mingw_additions' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Nick Appleton 365163674b update cmake documentation 1 year ago
  Nicholas Appleton 294881a1b9 fix typo 1 year ago
  Nick Appleton 495b303bbd Merge branch 'cmake_mingw_additions' of https://git.assembla.com/portaudio into cmake_mingw_additions 1 year ago
  Nick Appleton d3e00091c7 create and install cmake export targets to make it easier for people to include portaudio in larger projects: 1 year ago
  Nicholas Appleton ea11061b20 commit Rainer's work and make some minor modifications to the top-level cmakelists to make visual studio happy 2 years ago
  Nick Appleton 396c189c01 create and install cmake export targets to make it easier for people to include portaudio in larger projects: 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko 4f6fd67c3f Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos eb4a7d25dc wasapi: fixed callback not called for Input stream if 1 channel format is requested 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko c0d239712d Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos 5dec767af1 wasapi: fixed crash on NULL 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko b2f6d82342 Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos fe2c8e1f42 wasapi: fixed input device can not be opened in Exclusive mode (regression of previous commit) 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko 9a8922da23 Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos c3fee03ff1 wasapi: support Exclusive mode on UWP (use new function PaWasapi_SetDefaultInterfaceId to set device's interface id to make Exclusive mode work); 1 year ago
  Phil Burk 8a8078a9ba Merge branch 'ticket_274_xcode' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko 69d1b1e3cc Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos d7a4cb482d wasapi: fixed compilation error of PaWasapi_GetAudioClient() 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko 64ad96ea3c Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos a802290e83 wasapi: new PaWasapi_GetAudioClient() API to get pointer to IAudioClient from PaStream, workaround to get real Windows version in order to be able to create correct version of IAudioClient interface (Windows 10 was reported as Windows 8 when using just GetVersion()) 1 year ago
  Phil Burk 8dc6d59877 Merge branch 'ticket_275_pass_void' into 'master' 1 year ago
  DaShun c5e8f1dca7 Add asio lib. 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko 3215043f0d Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos d3e65ce690 wasapi: correction to PaWasapi_UpdateDeviceList() API by making it unavailable by default unless PA_WASAPI_MAX_CONST_DEVICE_COUNT is explicitly defined 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kostjuchenko 9923e1dc31 Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 1 year ago
  dmitrykos eb62287494 wasapi: new WASAPI specific API PaWasapi_UpdateDeviceList() which allows to update WASAPI device list dynamically without a need to call Pa_Terminate() and then Pa_Initialize(). 1 year ago
  Phil Burk 6e3f6b702f configure: support SDK 10.13 in XCode 1 year ago
  dmitrykos a525c38289 wasapi: fixed failure to initialize when Capture device is not provided by OS, silenced warnings in log functions 1 year ago
  Ross Bencina 1bdcb9e413 Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 2 years ago
  dmitrykos bc40f42cba wasapi: corrected GetWindowsVersion() to return Windows 10 (was max Windows 8) 2 years ago