596 Commits (master)

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  bjornroche 767f6df949 added new test for hardware samplerate changes. This is mostly targetted to the mac, but could be adapted to other platforms as well. 10 years ago
  bjornroche 8901efea70 fixes for hardware samplerate changes 10 years ago
  bjornroche 21a768824d added assert back as suggested by Dmitry Kostjuchenko 10 years ago
  bjornroche c55f47de78 fix for ringbuffer problem on 64-bit macs. Also, this should make it possible to migrate away from using the long datatype on pa_ringbuffer. 10 years ago
  bjornroche f0279d9be3 added two includes which should not be necessary but seem to help compiling in snow leopard 10 years ago
  bjornroche 31ed9cbe6e patch to use mach absolute time on mac OS X since apple advises against gettimeofday in IOProcs. Patch due to Ross Bencina. 10 years ago
  philburk 998020553f Fixed dither for 64-bit targets. 10 years ago
  rossb 3c9dc599e8 added instructions for building without ASIO support to the msvc readme 10 years ago
  rossb 0e141b2d19 removed reaper asio driver blacklisting 10 years ago
  aknudsen a9238346fe Fix latency calculation in PA ALSA 10 years ago
  aknudsen 822c292009 Add PA ALSA extension to allow setting number of retries when busy 10 years ago
  aknudsen 6e6e3ac65e Clarify hostapi ordering somewhat 10 years ago
  aknudsen 85a522fc4a Apply Kevin Kofler's non-mmap patch 10 years ago
  rossb 836bd46253 fix for half duplex and build issues from Toni Wilen. 10 years ago
  rossb 076044de33 added pragma to autolink libwinmm with msvc to get timeGetTime symbol when only using ASIO. thanks Yann 10 years ago
  davidv a321952e95 fixed a bug in WAVEFORMATEX casts, and warnings on sprintf 10 years ago
  rossb a596358a3d fixed inputBufferAdcTime calculation for AdaptingInputOnlyProcess. patch from Yann. 10 years ago
  rossb e1cf376aa6 fixed bug in asio blocking i/o stream initialization which would cause crash (bad ptr). enabled timeout code in read/writestream. patch from sven fischer 10 years ago
  rossb 654bc7cc21 added notes to pa_test_ac3.c that the test stream file must include the correct spdif preamble on every ac3 frame 10 years ago
  rossb 5bf449b175 always disable wmme clip and dither if an spdif passthrough wave format is requested 10 years ago
  rossb 78131d9a78 minor code logic cleanup 10 years ago
  rossb 0b6a8f85bb added patest_wmme_ac3.cp test for wmme ac3 spdif passthrough 10 years ago
  rossb eb0ad74411 wmme host api: take account of paWinMmeWaveFormatDolbyAc3Spdif and paWinMmeWaveFormatWmaSpdif flags in Pa_IsFormatSupported 10 years ago
  rossb 1de1b421f9 initial support for ac3+wma spdif passthrough for pa_win_wmme. see flags in pa_win_wmme.h. flags currently work for OpenStream but are ignored for IsFormatSupported 10 years ago
  rossb 6cff10c3f4 doccomment for PaAsio_SetStreamSampleRate() 10 years ago
  rossb b4b747fc10 factored asio sample rate setting code into separate functions. added PaAsio_SetStreamSampleRate() function. 10 years ago
  rossb 24a7e81401 cleaned up logic related to theAsioStream singleton pointer (now gets set in OpenStream and cleared in CloseStream. added callback-completion waiting to StopStream (was only in AbortStream before). cleaned up isStopped/isActive logic 10 years ago
  rossb 96fd679385 cleanup: moved blocking stream asio callback function next to other blocking related code 10 years ago
  philburk e430a7cc36 remove extra parameter from debug statement to prevent pointer error 11 years ago
  bjornroche fe733fde8d fixed bug as suggested by Michael allen. This fixes issues with blocking IO on the mac when using different number of channels for input and output. 11 years ago
  gordon_gidluck 9f62980024 ticket#84 11 years ago
  gordon_gidluck d8a17a3854 ticket#84 11 years ago
  gordon_gidluck 28c21245bd ticket #84. Fix for Cygwin. Added a #define called CREATE_THREAD. Cygwin will call CreateThread, whereas other dev environments will generate code to call _beginthreadex. endthreadex was handled in the same way. 11 years ago
  gordon_gidluck 5c79d5bcaf ticket#84. Ran into a problem with conversion from CreateFile to _beginthreadex. Changing it back for now. 11 years ago
  gordon_gidluck 5e3ba55d49 change CreateThread to _beginthreadex (related to ticket #84) 11 years ago
  gordon_gidluck cb2dc775ec changed CreateThread to _beginthreadex and ExitThread to _endthreadex (related to ticket #84) 11 years ago
  gordon_gidluck 7bcec2a83f change CreateThread to _beginthreadex (see ticket #84) 11 years ago
  philburk c49f234204 Add __TIME__ to version text. 11 years ago
  philburk 78ce8cedd5 Supports multiple threads using ASIO by adding CoInitialize(0) and CoUninitialize() calls. 11 years ago
  aknudsen 700509ec31 OSS: clear trigger direction bits at correct time 11 years ago
  rossb 5a69e3875e always use __vsnprintf with MSC 11 years ago
  bjornroche 275bd92976 removed obsolete darwin compiling instructions 11 years ago
  philburk 4d99d0af7c tweak svn test 11 years ago
  aknudsen bf2d5d7e6b Order Unix host api initializers depending on whether we're on Linux 11 years ago
  aknudsen bc1b5d028c Avoid warnings about unused labels 11 years ago
  bjornroche c1e1d067d2 moved trunk into place 11 years ago