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  Nicholas Appleton 72e319ad04 commit Rainer's work and make some minor modifications to the top-level cmakelists to make visual studio happy 2 years ago
  Nicholas Appleton a1f61a9a2c fix a tragic typo I made which prevented WASAPI being included with the CMake support. 2 years ago
  Phil Burk 396fe4b669 Merge branch 'ticket_260_terminate' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk dde71d1114 pa_front.c: fix initializationCount_ in Pa_Terminate() 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 49d0634189 Merge branch 'cmake_mingw_fixes' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 037f18a2e4 Merge branch '257-wdmks-winioctl-include' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Nicholas Appleton e0947b7d6a replicate the library dependencies in the configure script 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 18b2ab2339 Fix for ticket #257: MinGW-w64: Inclusion of <winioctl.h> triggers multiple redefinition errors. 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 82773feed7 Merge branch 'ticket_256_numchannels' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk f275c76ca9 paex_read_write_wire: fix crossed initialization 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 03eabbf9cd Merge branch 'rb-doxygen-tweaks' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina fcc15ae053 Merge branch 'rb-document-api-version' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 12f967356b Added `Available as of version 19.6.0` doc comments for new wasapi host-api-specific APIs. 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina e50b31bd40 Update doxygen comments for WDM/KS to indicate that new APIs are available in 19.5.0 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina d940dcb8b8 Fix formatting of version API doxygen comments in portaudio.h. Add additional documentation details, see also, and version information (e.g. `Available as of 19.5.0`). 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 6dbb8a6d64 Merge branch 'bump_version' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 3765e908c2 Merge branch 'cmake_updates' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 3f7248cd00 pa_front: bumped to 19.6.0 3 years ago
  Phil Burk b69214bcb4 Merge branch 'ticket_252_nohang' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 339e875f42 pa_mac_core: fix whitespace and missing semicolon 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 5044381068 Merge branch 'rb-version-doc-comment-cleanup' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina c2326aa8f0 updated doc comments to reflect that versionControlRevision is now a git revision hash 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 2c0aed9d8f Doxygen document tweaks: * Link to our Wiki for latest MinGW build information. * Fix for latest doxygen: non-displaying links on main page (add space before <br>). * Remove broken link to java binding docs (not compiled). * Update link to mailing list. 3 years ago
  Phil Burk b2f9375237 pa_front: bump version to 19.5.1 for release 3 years ago
  Phil Burk cacc5dc4ba pa_mac_core: use MAX(inputFrames,outputFrames) 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 8b7f390907 Merge branch 'remove-microsoft-include-files' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk a38df79293 pa_mac_core_blocking: Fix timeout. 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 1cf10aa43f remove Microsoft copyright include files from src/hostapi/wasapi/mingw-include 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 52bd2afb1d Merge branch 'ticket_251_alsacancel' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Nick Appleton 0c10cb6c0c address all problems picked up by cmakelint except for line-length related comments. don't use min() in paex_record_file as it is a macro specific to windows. 3 years ago
  Nicholas Appleton 1389dee5f6 get examples compiling with CMake on Windows again 3 years ago
  Phil Burk f17d549093 pa_linux_alsa: fix hang in callback caused by abort 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 0bc7cf9465 pa_mac_core_blocking: fix hang when running stream stopped 3 years ago
  Nicholas Appleton 2251a12026 undo whitespace change to pa_win_wasapi.c and fix a CMake grumbling about an unmatched ENDIF() closing expression 3 years ago
  Nicholas Appleton 0fc163720c supply pkg-config version via setting in CMakeLists.txt - allow installation when using MinGW 3 years ago
  Nicholas Appleton dc568d54a8 only build x86 plain converters in Visual Studio due because of assembly syntax. add library dependencies for asio to get MinGW builds linking. disable WASAPI when using MinGW as I cannot get it to work. 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 05da7a854d Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 9e2cf27ca7 Merge branch 'ticket_248_gitrevision' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk fc5de750f8 Remove version printing from paex_sine.c 3 years ago
  Phil Burk a553478d71 PA_GIT_REVISION: new scripts to replace SVN revision 3 years ago
  dmitrykos e1d4ec6664 wasapi: made ActivateAudioInterface_WINRT more universal in terms of getting other audio interfaces, for example IAudioEndpointVolume 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina d0d5020ddf Merge branch 'rb-fix-pa-front-c99isms' into 'master' 3 years ago
  dmitrykos 72dd5db968 wasapi: return E_NOINTERFACE in PaActivateAudioInterfaceCompletionHandler::QueryInterface, use C-style API for calling interface functions (in order to be unified with the rest of WASAPI code) 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 0648f7e63b Merge branch 'winrt' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Nicholas Appleton cdbc78e54f change the compiler flags into a compiler definitions list as we never modify the flags - add some documentation 3 years ago
  Nicholas Appleton 983a853635 move changes to cmake lists made in my personal github space into the assembla branch. I will work in here from this point. 3 years ago
  dmitrykos 319b19203a wasapi: replaced InterlockedCompareExchange with InterlockedOr and added clarifying comment why Interlocked API is used 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina 037e260d64 comment out C99 designated initializer syntax for versionInfo_ initializer. not C89 compatible 3 years ago
  Ross Bencina fce3367c23 remove trailing whitespace from end of lines 3 years ago
  dmitrykos dae0d7f8e7 wasapi: reverted the usage of Interlocked APIs for PaWasapiStream::running 3 years ago