596 Commits (master)

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  dmitrykos 46bce3c39f wasapi: use InterlockedXXX APIs to secure inter-thread r/w access to variables to avoid possible deadlocks or logic corruption 3 years ago
  dmitrykos ef449bb5bf wasapi: more cleanup - normalized WIN32_WINRT to PA_WINRT, removed excessive declarations from SignalObjectAndWait, ActivateAudioInterfaceCompletionHandler set of functions 3 years ago
  dmitrykos 326549c55e wasapi: use Windows common Sleep() API instead of PA_Sleep() 3 years ago
  dmitrykos 26c0dc4458 wasapi: code cleanup, removed compiler warnings 3 years ago
  dmitrykos 2e7545f17f wasapi: ported to WinRT (UWP) 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 7edc5cb655 Merge branch 'loopback' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk cf4ef2ce19 Loopback: fix warnings that prevent compilation 3 years ago
  Phil Burk e111b3a269 Merge branch 'ticket_229' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk e89441f968 Restore paqa_devs 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 36a6c92caa Revert paqa_devs 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 315309f60e Mac: test adjustable number of channels. 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 110043f842 Fix assert when reading or writing with non-power of 2 channels. 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 21d185f815 Merge branch 'fixeol' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk ed463ba658 Normalize all the line endings 3 years ago
  Phil Burk b99790cb7c Add .gitattributes to fix EOL 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 89d176178b Merge branch 'noassert' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk e18ea33d22 pa_mac_core.c: Removed some comments. Cleaned up logic. 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 06ff140a61 Merge branch 'testgit2' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk cc1908fafb Another change and commit to the same branch 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 274a289911 test git changesets 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 09588cc5d6 pa_mac_core: stop stream instead of asserting 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 6c11a007c5 Merge branch 'ignorebin' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk 83891bff3f gitignore: add more files from configure and make 3 years ago
  Phil Burk a68bacd2cf Merge branch 'ignore' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Phil Burk faff433ba6 Add .gitignore for C++ 3 years ago
  philburk 13b2159821 patest_out_underflow: cleanup 3 years ago
  philburk 3d4139cb00 Update docs for building on Linux 3 years ago
  philburk d0628e9238 Files needed for compiling on El Capitan. 3 years ago
  philburk 6e9b37491a Add support for 10.11 SDK so PortAudio can compile on Mac. 3 years ago
  dmitrykos f7b2d1542f wasapi: correction to the previous commit 4 years ago
  dmitrykos 58eca02986 wasapi: workaround to avoid PaWasapi_Initialize() failure when enumerating devices and device fails to report min/default periods with IAudioClient::GetDevicePeriod(): ignore error and assign WASAPI common known period values for min/default 4 years ago
  dmitrykos 4e194eaecf wasapi: support for setting the WASAPI's AudioClientProperties options via PaWasapiStreamInfo struct (__IAudioClient2_INTERFACE_DEFINED__ must be defined by Windows SDK (for Windows 8 and up) to have effect from these new options, otherwise it will be noop) 4 years ago
  rbencina fb929ad5fb update doxygen main page to reference developer guidelines and implementation style guidelines on the Wiki 4 years ago
  rbencina 03db857ef7 checkfiledocs.py: blacklist mingw-include from doc check 4 years ago
  rbencina 01ae699291 checkfiledocs.py: only check source code under src and include 4 years ago
  rbencina 19d0819931 Issue #234 fixed typo in configure and configure.in affecting mingw builds. Rename: pa_win_wdmks_util.o --> pa_win_wdmks_utils.o 4 years ago
  rbencina ebffcefcb9 removed bindings/java from doxygen generated documentation 4 years ago
  gineera c0c0cb1414 Pa_process: Fix output channel adaption by not skipping the conversion when the host and user number-of-channels are not equal. Reported by Leif Asbrink when using an envy24 soundcard on Linux at it's native Int32 format with 1 or 2 channels. Corresponding fix for input already in r1913. 4 years ago
  philburk 199e88fa66 Add Pa_GetVersionInfo() 4 years ago
  philburk 05bcd37d1f Test adding a second file with SVN keywords. 4 years ago
  philburk aeea9954a6 Used propset to enable SVN keywords on test file. 4 years ago
  philburk 9a9d86d87d Experiment with the SVN version keywords. 4 years ago
  philburk cd6b1868de Add version numbering with major.minor.subminor format. 4 years ago
  rbencina 039bc21bda pa/wmme: avoid potential (but highly unlikely) overflow in buffer size in call to WideCharToMultiByte if a device name length exceeds INT_MAX. should also fix compiler warning about size_t to int assignment. 4 years ago
  rbencina 808eaf5786 removed declaration of unused variable 4 years ago
  rbencina 98d12b21fa fixed compiler warning: conversion from 'double' to 'float', possible loss of data 4 years ago
  rbencina b3216e814b disabled deprecated API warning for GetVersionEx in dsound, wmme and wdmks host APIs. 4 years ago
  rbencina 71b8f8142e Removed MSVC dependence on ksguid.lib from src/os/win/pa_win_wdmks_utils.c (ksguid.lib is no longer in Platform SDK 8.0). Always use static instances of GUIDs like the GCC builds do. Removed ksguid.lib from MSVC project file. The following symbols are no longer used: PA_WDMKS_NO_KSGUID_LIB, PAWIN_WDMKS_NO_KSGUID_LIB; removed them from CMakeLists.txt and the MSVC project file. 4 years ago
  rbencina 83056ee196 cpp binding: make operator == and != const. thanks to Riot for this patch. ticket #230 4 years ago
  rbencina 7f4f7e44cb PA/CoreAudio: fixed copy-pasto: last host error was being associated with paInDevelopment host api not paCoreAudio 5 years ago