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  robiwan 6733684fca Added more debugging info in wdmks/pa_win_wdmks.c 5 years ago
  robiwan d7085cb226 Committing Lelands patch for WDM-KS, should take care of some of the problems referenced here http://music.columbia.edu/pipermail/portaudio/2014-August/016246.html 5 years ago
  bejayoharen 55adee0a90 olivier's device name patch for os x 5 years ago
  rbencina 4c720adbfa pa_win_ds.c converted tabs to spaces (only a small amount of code was incorrectly using tabs). 5 years ago
  rbencina 666f30ea67 DirectSound: correctly output device names as UTF-8 when compiled with UNICODE defined. Note that this patch may not be correct if UNICODE is not defined. Patch from Tobias Erichsen. See ticket #224 for details. 5 years ago
  rbencina 9222d8bfb4 pa_win_wmme.c: converted tabs to spaces (just a few sections) 5 years ago
  rbencina 7a3b2d1dd9 WMME: correctly convert device names to UTF-8, see ticket #224. Thanks to Tobias Erichsen for the patch. 5 years ago
  robiwan 4aa340a57e CMake: Added PA_WDMKS_NO_KSGUID_LIB to WDMKS and solution folders 5 years ago
  bejayoharen c8cc50d6d1 Clarified safety of operations in callback (doc) 5 years ago
  rbencina 7bb4da2af9 updated Windows+ASIO build tutorial: Building Portaudio for Windows with ASIO support using MSVC. The tutorial was out of date and contained a number of errors that broke the build process. 5 years ago
  rbencina 37e8b23aba tweaked Windows build tutorial: Building PortAudio for Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio - various improvements to clarity of text. Fixed broken ASIO SDK URL. 5 years ago
  philburk 13c1e731db Add stub to pa_trace.c to eliminate warning. 5 years ago
  philburk e4138f1c59 [tests] Add EOL to patest_mono.c 5 years ago
  philburk d51191a829 [macosx] Add support for SDK 10.8 and 10.9. 5 years ago
  gineera 5583cd452b Pa_process: Fix input channel adaption by not skipping the input conversion when the host and user number-of-channels are not equal. The bug manifested when recording mono from a stereo-only device (eg with Alsa hw: devices on some sound-cards), and was reported by the Mixxx team -see https://bugs.launchpad.net/mixxx/+bug/900364. (In the long-term, some refactoring may be preferable.) Also fixed copy-paste typos in comments. 5 years ago
  gineera e62b586273 Jack: Add a port-type filter expression to calls to jack_get_ports() so that only audio ports are listed (removing eg Midi etc) as reported by 'sqweek'. 5 years ago
  gineera e2662ae2ad Alsa: Revise the use of the environment variable 'PA_ALSA_PLUGHW' so it correctly influences the Device-List and the capabilities reported. Also rename a mis-leading variable and add one additional DEBUG line. 6 years ago
  gineera 27c3b518cb paqa_devs: limit max number of channels tested (to 4); add a fixed decimal format to the timestamp printout. 6 years ago
  rbencina c23e362fcb pa_mac_core.c line 664 fixed incorrect memset size (was using sizeof(ptr) not sizeof(struct type) 6 years ago
  gineera 3029485a0e Alsa: Add function to prevent duplicate parts in the visible pa device name string, that occur when the pcm-device name starts with the card name (since they are both used). Achieved by trimming the pcm-device string beginning. 6 years ago
  gineera bbf60ab137 Alsa: Fix memory leak as nonMmapBuffers were not freed (since change to realloc). Clean out corresponding dead code chunk. 6 years ago
  gineera d17353a602 Alsa: Rename some variables in pa_linux_alsa where the meaning is mis-leading or wrong in the Alsa context. Also tweak one debug message and a few typos. 6 years ago
  gineera b1a62661bf Alsa: Fix handling of poll descriptors in PaAlsaStream_WaitForFrames(). Otherwise if capture signals before playback a duplex stream could poll the wrong descriptor, causing a loop (reported by Alexander Kartashov). 6 years ago
  rbencina 2a992efaa8 fixed bug that was causing memory corruption in PA/ALSA when host sample format was lager than user format. e.g. using 16 bit output with a sound card that used 24 bit buffers. the incorrect input zeroer was being used. Thanks to Anders Tornvig for identifying the problem 6 years ago
  rbencina 1ae8d616a9 fixed doxygen markup for a few line breaks in the tutorial 6 years ago
  gineera 80c77d9ae4 OSS: revise default latency reporting: previous fixed values could not actually be achieved with OSS power-of-2 sizes. Instead try a configuration and correctly report the default latency based on one less than the number of fragments; also fix the stream component 'bufSz' calculation. 6 years ago
  gineera 28f9ee0965 Alsa: revise latency use and calculations, since the latency should be equivalent to one Alsa period less than the Alsa ringbuffer (was based on the whole). Also fixes failure if zero latency was specified. 6 years ago
  gineera 8082b07db4 qa-latency: fix printout typos; re-enable checks of default high vs low latency - but allow them to be equal; remove rogue tab. 6 years ago
  rbencina 4149c894a0 added code to print error result from Pa_Initialize() in pa_devs.c example 6 years ago
  rbencina a51584e3b1 factored out InitPaDeviceInfoFromAsioDriver function. skip device rather than failing entire init process if a single ASIO driver returns an error during init. This was happening with MOTU devices if the device wasn't present. See ticket #221 6 years ago
  rbencina 3dd3c9f5ce move static variables into x86 section so they don't generate warnings when trying to build on 64 bit 6 years ago
  rbencina 85e52783f0 configure.in fix from Leland '[Portaudio] Small patch to fix Mac build' march 4 6 years ago
  robiwan dd82ba9976 Fix for WaveRT WDM drivers that do not support memory mapped position register, and correct 8 channel speaker geometry mapping. 6 years ago
  rbencina 33df37a804 increase upper limit for absurd sample rates from 200000 to 384000 Hz. via Richard from Audacity 6 years ago
  rbencina b1f0cc8829 fix assertion failures with blocking io in ASIO host api. host buffer formats were not inited with non-interleaved flag in parameters to blocking i/o buffer processor 6 years ago
  rbencina b054f44292 clarified and corrected comment 7 years ago
  rbencina 58d75e6d8e check for NULL data->interface passed to KsPropertySetEnumerateCallback. Thanks to Asinbow Wang 7 years ago
  bejayoharen 7236740522 added carbon to docs. 7 years ago
  rbencina 878e2d2839 fixes for unicode build 7 years ago
  rbencina f33048b20c fix for unicode build 7 years ago
  philburk 042f67383c Add comment about including source code for ring buffer in app. 7 years ago
  bejayoharen 109bb6fe1f minor fix for OS X 10.7: include AudioToolbox 7 years ago
  robiwan b053bf5ce9 https://www.assembla.com/spaces/portaudio/tickets/217 7 years ago
  philburk 108bcabe4b Add example of calling JPortAudio. 7 years ago
  philburk 3291a153e1 Add the JPortAudio JavaDocs to the PortAudio reference. 7 years ago
  philburk d693c3c583 Just return true if a Java blocking IO stream underflows or overflows on read or write. 7 years ago
  philburk ac4bb571cb Modified to JPortAudio to support builds on Macintosh. 7 years ago
  philburk 373c29f7b0 Use universal library on Mac. The _x86 or _x64 distinction is only needed on Windows. 7 years ago
  philburk f1435229e4 Fix fprintf format for long int. 7 years ago
  philburk 62ebf76ad7 Apply patch to configure to fix build on Mac Lion. 7 years ago