596 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  philburk 27bc47d77b Test SVN on assembla. 7 years ago
  philburk b9d82e4d34 Report HostAPI errors in paex_write_sine.c to aid debugging. 7 years ago
  philburk da19fa6a7a Make include paths in JPortAudio project portable. 7 years ago
  philburk e58d315241 Initial check-in for an experimental Java binding for PortAudio called JPortAudio. 7 years ago
  philburk 468c6bceb7 Fix some typos in docs. 7 years ago
  robiwan 1c153276e4 Added support for multi api static build on mingw (patch from Stefan Hajnoczi), tested with ASIO,WMME,WASAPI and WDMKS 7 years ago
  robiwan 5a9c79405d Cleanup of code 7 years ago
  robiwan a889a60546 Added typedef to remove error with _beginthreadex 7 years ago
  robiwan 82556314f6 Cleanup of code 7 years ago
  philburk 9828a55938 Use pa_ringbuffer.h in pablio.h. 7 years ago
  robiwan 4669893212 Small fix to paex_record_file.c 7 years ago
  robiwan 94b08c88bf Added a simple example that records to/plays from a file (using callback + ring buffer). Windows only at the moment. 7 years ago
  robiwan ee7fa396e1 Removed _alloca in WdmGetPropertySimple which seems to mess up the stack when using MinGW 7 years ago
  robiwan eaf970f1e2 Removed warnings when building with MinGW 7 years ago
  robiwan 1cc4bbbf9a Changes to make compilation/linking work on Mingw 7 years ago
  robiwan 3d13eb88be Added option to CMakeLists.txt to enable PA debug output 7 years ago
  robiwan 3438e46e74 Minor refactoring to remove some warnings 7 years ago
  robiwan 2e6ad64c00 Changed so that Mingw build should reference WASAPI supplied Mingw includes + minor refactorings 7 years ago
  robiwan 2f29f8611c Added GUID, enumerators and structs to accomodate Vista and later OSs. 7 years ago
  philburk b4a22b91ff Fix ring buffer handling in pa_mac_core.c that caused many spurious paInputOverflow flags. 7 years ago
  philburk 44bdc45b2a Added counters for status flags in patest_wire.c. It then prints how many under and overflows occured. 7 years ago
  philburk 39f9a22d28 Fixed warnings that broke build. 7 years ago
  robiwan 3e9e7dd334 Forgot error check after Pa_OpenStream. Naughty. 7 years ago
  robiwan 9f48ec4609 Added C++ variant of paex_sine 7 years ago
  gineera 6d881ec6dc qa-latency: use defaultSampleRate; fix crash on single loops; change latency check limits; continue after a failed test; some alterations to printed messages. 7 years ago
  robiwan 86aef22e9c Fixed bug in DS code 7 years ago
  philburk ef2e72c22a Added build instruction for loopback test. 7 years ago
  gineera f69a02a99a Alsa: re-write SetApproximateSampleRate() to allow small deviations from a nominal requested rate, so inexactly clocked cards do not fail (use 1% tolerance). 7 years ago
  gineera 8a244e09f1 Alsa: remove tabs and fix whitespace in pa_linux_alsa.c in line with the Portaudio coding standards 7 years ago
  gineera d82cd55923 Alsa: default sample rate should always be chosen with Alsa-lib sample-rate conversion disabled. 7 years ago
  gineera ce083a09b7 Alsa: fix defaultHighLatency - sample rate has to be set following reset of hwParams. 7 years ago
  rbencina ebd20865db rolling back r1822 and r1815 to pa_linux_alsa.c . will recommit on alsa_hw_endian_subdevice branch 7 years ago
  dmitrykos 4ae4fa0ef9 wasapi: provide meaningful error code when opening the stream and error occurred instead of just paInvalidDevice 7 years ago
  dmitrykos 5701b05e0f wasapi: zero wasapi host api rep immediately after init. prevents (unlikely) issue with trying to free uninited allocations if com init fails during Pa_Initialize() (Ross Bencina) 7 years ago
  rbencina 17e4472219 zero asio host api rep immediately after init. prevents (unlikely) issue with trying to free uninited allocations if com init fails during Pa_Initialize() 7 years ago
  rbencina e2f0932362 explicit casts for double->int. comment cleanups. fixed an bug where uninited pointer could be freed during teardown if memory allocation failed during directsound host api init (extremely unlikely). 7 years ago
  rbencina 21f039bd09 fixed typo in comment. added whitespace. 7 years ago
  dmitrykos 1526a5bfc7 alsa: fix paSwapEndian applied to non-24bit formats due to incorrect logic of tests 7 years ago
  gineera 00502bdef0 Alsa: add a workaround for stuttering/xruns when using default device on Alsa-lib older than 1.0.16 (caused by zero 'revents' when poll() returns). 7 years ago
  robiwan 1c9b4fe4b9 WDM-KS: 7 years ago
  robiwan 32e0080310 ASIO: 7 years ago
  robiwan f5bb9cfec0 Added support for displaying UTF-8 encoded device names 7 years ago
  robiwan 6803965617 General: 7 years ago
  dmitrykos d998066452 alsa: 7 years ago
  dmitrykos 341eb04550 wasapi: 7 years ago
  dmitrykos 9bc432b603 wasapi: 7 years ago
  robiwan c5874f23c4 Merged WaveRT branch (excluding stuff pertaining to ticket #169) 7 years ago
  rbencina de1d97419b cleaned up tutorial start page 7 years ago
  rbencina b9b26560a9 doc tweak 7 years ago
  rbencina 1610f46ddf tweaked tutorial doc to reference local files 7 years ago