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Etienne Dechamps 0baa1e2e31 Treat DirectSound just like any other standard Windows SDK library. 7 months ago
FindASIOSDK.cmake Normalize all the line endings 3 years ago
FindJack.cmake move changes to cmake lists made in my personal github space into the assembla branch. I will work in here from this point. 2 years ago commit Rainer's work and make some minor modifications to the top-level cmakelists to make visual studio happy 9 months ago Normalize all the line endings 3 years ago supply pkg-config version via setting in CMakeLists.txt - allow installation when using MinGW 2 years ago create and install cmake export targets to make it easier for people to include portaudio in larger projects: 9 months ago
template_portaudio.def only build x86 plain converters in Visual Studio due because of assembly syntax. add library dependencies for asio to get MinGW builds linking. disable WASAPI when using MinGW as I cannot get it to work. 2 years ago