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fixdir.bat 449B

  1. rem Use Astyle to fix style in 'C' files
  2. cd %1%
  3. fixlines -p *.c
  4. fixlines -p *.cpp
  5. fixlines -p *.cc
  6. astyle --style=ansi -c -o --convert-tabs --indent-preprocessor *.c
  7. astyle --style=ansi -c -o --convert-tabs --indent-preprocessor *.cpp
  8. astyle --style=ansi -c -o --convert-tabs --indent-preprocessor *.cc
  9. del *.orig
  10. @rem convert line terminators to Unix style LFs
  11. fixlines -u *.c
  12. fixlines -u *.cpp
  13. fixlines -u *.cc
  14. fixlines -u *.h
  15. del *.bak
  16. cd ..\