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Build Status

TinyALSA is a small library to interface with ALSA in the Linux kernel.

The aims are:

  • Provide a basic pcm and mixer API.
  • If it’s not absolutely needed, don’t add it to the API.
  • Avoid supporting complex and unnecessary operations, that could be dealt with at a higher level.
  • Provide comprehensive documentation.


TinyALSA uses Makefile as the primary build system.

To build and install with Make, run the commands:

sudo make install
sudo ldconfig


TinyALSA is now available as a set of the following debian packages from launchpad:

Package Name: Description:
tinyalsa Contains tinyplay, tinycap, tinymix and tinypcminfo
libtinyalsa Contains the shared library
libtinyalsa-dev Contains the static library and header files

To install these packages, run the commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:taylorcholberton/tinyalsa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tinyalsa
sudo apt-get install libtinyalsa-dev


Once installed, the man pages are available via:

man tinyplay
man tinycap
man tinymix
man tinypcminfo
man libtinyalsa-pcm
man libtinyalsa-mixer