SvOlli's Little Audio Related Tools
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"SvOlli's Little Audio Related Thingies", or "SLART" for short, is a collection
of tools I hacked together myself for myself. These tools, once complete, will
cover every aspect of handling audio files I came up with.

Function Name Status Named After The Song By
Player Partyman beta Prince
CD Reader Stripped alpha Depeche Mode
Tag Editor / Database Rubberbandman alpha Yello
Downloader Funkytown* alpha Lipps Inc.
Playlist Management Karmadrome alpha Pop Will Eat Itself
LIRC Client Creep beta Radiohead
FreeDB Browser Notorious alpha Duran Duran
Central App. Innuendo alpha Queen
Setup Wizard Sorcerer alpha Marilyn Martin

*Funkytown could not be ported straight forward from Qt4 to Qt5. Since is was
not very useful anymore, it was taken out of the build process.

It contains also some classes that are usable for other applications:
- a simple command line arguments handler
- Satellite: a simple interprocess communication class

Primary git repository is available at: