A buildroot based system that boots directly to Stella emulator
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This is more like a demonstrator on how to create an own buildroot based project, using the br2-external mechanism.

As an example this projects builds an image that boots directly into the Atari 2600 VCS emulator Stella.

The approach is very flat, as the emulator runs as root, but it gets the job done, and security is not that much of an issue here.

This is more a demonstrator than a finished produced. It is intended to show the capabilities of buildroot and this setup.sh-script.




This will output all possible config files to use. Then you will be told that the two options you have are

./setup.sh stellabox/configs/stellabox_raspberrypi3_defconfig
./setup.sh stellabox/configs/stellabox_raspberrypi4_defconfig

Once you’re running on the those commands a buildroot tarball will get downloaded and a build directory will be set up.

After this you can do the following to customize your system using the following commands:

cd output/stellabox_raspberrypi3 # or ...pi4
make menuconfig                  # modify configuration
make help                        # get an overview of useful make targets
make all                         # build the actual image
make source                      # pre-download all required sourcefiles

Have fun, SvOlli